Just My Type #25

Creating hand-painted watercolor typography, or applying watercolor textures digitally is something I’ve been seeing a lot in the sidelines of the hand-lettering trend in typography. I came across this beautiful version of Poster Bodoni, all done in watercolor. As the creators describe,

The world of fonts is in an exciting time right now with so many amazing designers making their mark with new typefaces. Now let’s nerd out on fonts for a minute, shall we? Giambattista Bodoni designed the Bodoni typeface in 1798 (most likely with a brush and ink). Over a century later, Chauncey H. Griffith created Poster Bodoni for none other than… Posters!

We’ve gone old school to suit the style of Poster Bodoni and created the entire font in watercolour by hand.

You can learn more, and purchase this set right here.

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