Inspired by… Lu Yu

“I collect beautiful words, because they make us happy.” States Lu Yu of her Positive Words project. An eternal optimist, I was interested in the ideas behind the designs Lu has created. As she describes the project:

Many people collect things – stamps, coins, antiques… I collect words, those words that makes us happy and stay inspired – the positive words.I had the idea of collecting positive words because I had to write some short appreciation copies. The task turned out to be harder than I expected – as I wrote more copies, I noticed that I kept using the same words. Then I realized a bigger problem – I don’t use those beautiful words often enough! So I started this little project to collect the positive words I should ‘say it more!’
Below are a selection of my favorites. Be sure to check out her site for the full collection.
061516_ib_01 061516_ib_02 061516_ib_03 061516_ib_04 061516_ib_05 061516_ib_06 061516_ib_07 061516_ib_08 061516_ib_09 061516_ib_10