Inspired by… Oddds The New Anthropology

Today I’m sharing the work of Oddds The New Anthropology. Besides the work itself, I love their online portfolio, and how concept-driven it is. Featured below, is branding design for Otna. In their own words:

The new Oddds’ rebranding identity is an evolutionary set of systems that were progressively & intuitively placed together. Drawn from inspiration from the designers’ fascination of human behaviours and cognitive curiosities. This comes with perspectives of the study of humankind, cultures and design; referencing with philosophical values & new thinking.

The visual identity ties in around Oddds’ beliefs in four stages/themes. The first stage isDeep Sea Complexity; where all things imaginable can be created beneath surfaces and beyond edges. The second stage is Bravery in Hunting; where what lies unknowingly can be brought about with intentions and experiments through art and design direction. The third stage is Glamour of Illusion; where a certain mystique that is brought together by clairvoyance using forms of futurism. At the last stage, Science of Atmosphere; is where imagination and accuracy of methods brings about unlimited visible language.

The logo is a serif logotype visibly combines the new thinking theory into the Oddds’ brandmark. The word “New” is placed vertically, emphasizing forward-looking attitudes and carefully balanced out with the rest of the logotype.

The identity is conveyed through new stationery ranging from namecards, envelopes, postcards, thank you card, tags, coasters and packaging. With crafted finishings, each is executed with careful detailing and typographically driven. Materials and simplicity in fine lines can be seen through the craft of letterpress, matt gold and copper foils. Pressed and examined crisply in such a way that each are distinctively made with purpose. The visual identity dons and is accompanied with classy ebony, white and copper of tonal colours. The copper golds against the jet-black papers creates a mood of deep secrecy. From copper gold bags to postcards, this rebranding epitomizes the new Oddds.

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